Get Out the Vote!

Early voting for our city council elections goes through Friday October 4th (location details here) and then the election will be held October 8th (you’ll need to go to your specific polling place on voting day, find that here). Typically with early voting you are out in 5 mins or less.

  • Find all the early voting locations here
  • Not registered, it doesn’t matter! You can register onsite at any early voting location, here is information on what you’ll need (a utility bill will suffice). *Note you can only register during early voting and not on election day
  • Check out the ballot in advance here
  • Check out this handy guide from the News & Observer and see candidate responses to some important questions

Get out there and vote! Bring your friends along – tell them why it’s important to vote. Create a buddy system to keep each other accountable. Only ~5,500 people have voted in all of Wake County thus far and the average age is 60. We can have an impact if we show up. Be the change, friends.

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