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Many that move to Raleigh quickly realize that this region, to date, has had growth largely dominated by cars. For those that desire the opportunity to get around by foot, bike or bus, we’ve got some great news for you in the “bus” category. The Wake Transit plan, a referendum passed by voters in 2017, is providing unparalleled investments in our community for transit that will truly revolutionize our transportation network regionally. This is a great website to refer to in order to stay up to date with all transit service improvements – but this post specifically will provide information on the current round, which is out for public input until March 3rd.

Alright – we know you’re dying to hear about the changes proposed! Note, these changes would start July 1, 2019. Some of the improvements we’re most excited about …

Mobile Ticketing provides the ability for riders to pay for and use their phone for transit trips.

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Fare Capping Critical to equity, this prevents daily riders from ever paying more than the monthly transit pass total. IE if a rider pays for each individual ride at $1.50 on a GoRaleigh bus, they would never pay more than the $45.00 monthly pass rate. For people that struggle to find that $45 in one go, this provides a way for them to incrementally pay, and then get capped to avoid over paying. Riders would have access to a smart card, which would track their total each month and then cap.

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Bus Stop Improvements We’re not just talking benches and trash cans here guys. More like enhanced transfer points along key corridors that will include free wifi, larger shelters, bike parking AND benches and trash cans. (see page 60 of the plan for more information on locations)

New Transit Center in East Raleigh (page 64), feasibility study for Triangle Town Center transit center (186) feasibility study for North Hills / Midtown transit center (page 58) Wow! That’s a lot of transit centers!

Breaking ground on the GoTriangle RUS (Raleigh Union Station) BUS facility ok – given the fact that this will 1) break ground in 2020 and 2) is slated to bring a tower and affordable housing units to our downtown core (more info here), this may be one of the things we’re most excited about, not going to lie. (Page 65)

Upgrades to the airport stations Meh, this could include a lot more and just sounds like it will be adding wayfinding. We think that they should follow the same formula as the “Enhanced Transfer Points” above. Our airport is the first impression many will have of our transit system – let’s make it a good one! With service on Route 100 now going every 30 minutes all day, every day, it’s a great way to get into Raleigh once you land. Notably, for this service to actually be used by airport staff, it would be worthwhile to look at extending the hours to be even earlier than the current 6am start (Page 176). What we WISH our airport transit station looked like (a la Denver)

Oh, and *the City anticipates submitting the first BRT corridor to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for Small Starts Project Development in the second half of FY 2019* We know we just said RUS BUS is the best but BRT is also – the best. We’re excited about this plan – are you excited about this plan?

Remember to view the full plan here (look for the PDF titled
Draft Wake Transit FY2020 Work Plan) and comment here before March 3rd to have your voice heard and to help shape the future of transit investments in our city.

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