The Unintended Consequences to Conserving Raleigh’s Neighborhoods

[This post was written in collaboration with editorial board member, Leo Suarez and James Demby. This article is co-published on Leo’s blog here. James is fascinated by how and why different housing types are or are not built. He has been doing an informal study into what has happened in Raleigh housing (ITB specifically) over […]

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Raleigh’s Sustainability Strategy

Climate change is real, the need to address it is urgent and to date our community has created a system that disincentivizes our residents from opting into a sustainable model of decreasing their personal footprint and our community’s collective impacts as a city. Last week we discussed some of the implications of climate change globally […]

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Equity 101: A Primer

Conversations about equity in Raleigh (perhaps in any place) centrally revolve around three categories of equity: opportunity, mobility, and inclusivity. In our community, this manifests itself most clearly through the issues of education, housing affordability, and the countervailing forces of historical segregation and ongoing gentrification. As Raleigh experiences rapid growth, there are myriad benefits to […]

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Zoning 101: Mixed Use Districts

Howdy y’all, welcome back! Last time we took a deep dive into residential zoning districts. This week we’re back for more on mixed-use districts. Read up and feel all the wiser! Mixed-Use Districts: As the name implies, Mixed-Use districts provide a greater flexibility in the types of uses that are permitted.  In addition to a […]

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