Upping our Bike Game

Even though many in Raleigh may feel that change is slower to come than we may like, we wanted to share some exciting changes that are coming online in the next few weeks on the multi-modal front. Here is a snapshot of facilities in other peer communities we wrote about, along with the Downtown Plan (which is still open for public comment). Both provide a good point of reference.

On March 16th, the City of Raleigh soft launched 14 stations (out of a total of 30 stations) for the Citrix Cycle bikeshare system. This is years in the making and it’s a pretty big deal for Raleigh. 2/3 of the fleet will be e-assist bikes and frankly the bikes are heavy enough when you ride them that the city really needs to make it 100% of the fleet. The e-assist bikes are effortless to ride, fun to navigate around town and a viable car replacement given the ability to not even break a sweat in our Southern climate. A quick PSA – this month is a soft launch where the city is working out bugs so be patient if you experience a kink and remember to DM @CitrixCycle and they will help you figure out what’s wrong.

To date, there are stations located at:

  • Fayetteville Street
  • GoRaleigh Station
  • Horne at Hillsborough Street
  • Hillsborough at Ashe
  • Hillsborough & Harrington
  • Lane at Bloodworth
  • W South Street at S Saunders
  • Pace at N Person
  • Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts
  • West at Morgan
  • West at Jones
  • Seaboard Station
  • Tucker at Glenwood
  • Davie at Dawson, with additional locations being made available throughout the spring.

To ride a bike folks need to register, either for one ride, or they can get an annual membership for $85 (more info on membership levels here). Details below on how to ride the bikes:

At $7 per month, we’d say the Annual Membership model is hands down the best (vs. $2 per ride). Folks that have an annual membership even get a key fob in the mail, which makes riding the bikes a ton easier and removes the need to use the kiosk to get the bike going. Easy. At the cost of a cup of coffee and a bagel a month it’s a great deal from our vantage and a great way to support a new transportation model in Raleigh. Do a quick back of the napkin calculation on how much your car is costing you a month (AAA puts the average cost at $8,849 annually) and it’s great to think about how much all folks in Raleigh could be financially freed up if we had a different model for transportation mobility than a car-centric one. This system gets us 1-step closer – so yo – go out, ride one of these bikes, and support it!

But what good is a bikeshare system if we have no safe infrastructure to ride it on? Or minimal, as it were. That’s where the next part of our post comes in. We want to introduce folks to the Harrington Street Cycletrack – a pop-up, tactical urbanism installation that seeks to show residents of Raleigh what a protected facility would actually feel like when you can ride without worrying about cars swiping you. Huzza!

This project is a partnership with Oaks and Spokes and the City of Raleigh and the intention will be to use this pop-up weekend as a mechanism to test the viability of this type of facility, with the intent of installing a permanent cycletrack that will extend from Davie Street all the way to Peace Street along Harrington. Hot dog, Raleigh!

Learn more about the numerous events planned for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the pop-up weekend, or listen to an update on Inbound Raleigh here, and make sure to come by for some of the activities to show Raleigh we’re ready for premier, protected and safe facilities for ages 8-80.

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