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Why We’re Here

Alright y’all – sit down for a second and listen in to a quick story about how this group – this movement – came to be. We’re an assembly of folks that were drawn to each other over one, guiding principal: Our love for Raleigh, and our deeply rooted desire to see it flourish and grow into the city we know it’s meant to be. Raleigh is growing, and it’s growing fast, and arguably, for the most part, it’s growing well. We all see the accolades, top ten this, best of that. But is it the best for all of us? Are we growing in an equitable, sustainable, sustain(ing) way? Can we keep chugging on this trajectory or are we in danger of creating a city that’s only meant for some but not for all?

Did you know that the price of housing in Raleigh has increased 4.8% last year, with another jump of 5.2% anticipated next year. In 2015, for instance, a house you could fetch for $209,000 will cost you $263,000 today. If you’re a homeowner, well hey, congrats y’all. If you’re a renter or an aspiring homeowner, perhaps not the same jubilation.

Here’s another one. Ever tried to navigate the city solely by transit? What about by a bike? What was your experience, or do you just stick to your car, like the other 90% of folks commuting in and out of work each day. Car-centric growth has significant implications. For our built environment, for the time of day it takes us to get home to our families, for climate change. These are real problems, and this group is looking for real solutions. To date, we feel the leadership in Raleigh has been silent on some of these issues that are critically important to us. Important to the future we hope for our city.

So we’re here and we’re standing up and we’re saying this complacency is dangerous and futile if we want a future for Raleigh that’s equitable and just. Here, we’ll write about the key issues facing our city: economic development, equity, housing, land use, and transportation. If you hope for a city of visionaries, of leaders, of free-thinking humanists – then please, join us! You can do so by signing up for our newsletter, attending our meet-ups, contributing to this blog, and most importantly – voting. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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